TabooPOV: Ivy Wolfe - Step Daddy Teaches me a New Game (HD) - 2022

TabooPOV: Ivy Wolfe - Step Daddy Teaches me a New Game (HD) - 2022

Genre: Incest, POV, Blonde, Blowjob, Cum In Mouth, Long Hair, Step Daughter
Starring: Ivy Wolfe
Name: Step Daddy Teaches me a New Game

[center]I was so bored in my room playing with my hand puppet. Step-daddy came in and said that he had something more fun to play with than my toys but I had to keep it a secret and not tell anyone especially mom. He took off his pants and showed me a yummy game.He told me to rub his thingy, I was scared it hurt him at first but he said it didn't hurt at all. Then just a little bit of stuff came out of the top of it where he pees. It was weird but I liked it. I wanted to know what it tasted like because sometimes when I touch my wet spot in bed at night I taste it on my fingers and it tastes really sweet. Daddy said it was okay. I licked the stuff off the top and liked it. Then daddy said to take my dress off so he could see how pretty I am. I did and it was more comfortable that way, cause he rubbed my boobies and I liked it. I put his daddy dick in my mouth all the way like a good girl and sucked and rubbed it until he gave me my special drink that he made just for me. I like daddy's warm special drink. I hope if I don't tell my mom he will let me drink it again.

Quality: HD
Time: 00:09:53
Size: 151 MB[/center]

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