Hegre: Marika - Couple Squirt Massage (FullHD) - 2022

Hegre: Marika - Couple Squirt Massage (FullHD) - 2022

Genre: Art, Erotic, Straight, Masturbation, Massage
Starring: Marika
Name: Couple Squirt Massage
Studio: Hegre

[center]As this film opens, our two stars circle the table, looking temptingly at each other. Yet there is also a kind of fear in their eyes. Not a bad fear, just a sense that what is about to happen will change them forever. They’re ready for it, but it’s huge.Naked bodies climb on the table. Hands probe genitals, mouths clasp members, organs surge and swell. Every position is tried. This is not just love-making. This is love-adventuring. They are on a journey to find the ultimate sensual explosion.And then the squirting starts. A free flow of passion and power. Bodies quiver, limbs shake, mouths gape. Their moaning and breathing is a symphony of lust. And they explode and explode and explode. Who among you is ready to join them?

Quality: FullHD
Time: 33:18
Size: 881 MB[/center]

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