JulesJordan: - Gia Derza - Definition Of DP'd (Full HD) - 1.71 GB

JulesJordan: - Gia Derza - Definition Of DP'd (Full HD) - 1.71 GB

Genre: Big Cocks, Brunettes, Big Butts, Anal, Gaping, Lingerie, Deep Throat, Ass To Mouth, Double Penetration, Natural, Facial, Blowjobs
Name: Gia Derza - Definition Of DP'd
Studio: JulesJordan

[center]Get ready to worship Gia Derza’s ass shrine as the hotter than ever super gal is back in this scene from Jules Jordan. Gia brightens up an already sunny day, clad in stunning pink and red “see-me” lingerie. Thigh and hip aficionados should appreciate the fit of her bottoms. The front accentuates her god given great hips, and the back strapping causes the jelly to make any ass lover go apeshit. Derza delights with a pink collar that has “daddy” spelled out in glittering letters. Her hair is styled in a sleek pullback that reminds you of an 80s punk. A stellar look for Gia. The blue-eyed temptress pops her tits from her top. It stretches underneath as she maintains a tongue in cheek grin with her pearly whites. Before going inside we hear that it’s “All you can eat Gia Derza”... Jules Jordan and Steve Holmes are there to try and tame the tart. Not likely as she gulps down both cocks, constructing strings of slobber that look like they could be played. Holmes whips his dick out and sits on a loveseat. Jules is sitting next to him as Derza sits on his dick side-saddle. An already marvelous sight. Gia’s ass and thighs in a glorious curved position. The filthy Derza licks Jules’ asshole while riding reverse-cowgirl on Holmes. Then she has the chutzpah to handle both cocks in a double-penetration masterstroke. Derza has so much ass you feel spoiled watching, she dutifully takes both cocks again in cowgirl, throwing in joyous moments of single cock doggy. She then easily coaxes the glamour glue from both tallywackers. Allowing streams of goop to decorate her face and also getting in tastes, throwing in a glowing smile at fade.

Quality: Full HD
Time: 00:30:47
Size: 1.71 GB[/center]

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