Shemalestrokers: - Cat Tayler (HD) - 881.8 MB

Shemalestrokers: - Cat Tayler (HD) - 881.8 MB

Genre: Shemale, Cumshot, Mastubration, Solo
Name: Cat Tayler
Studio: Shemalestrokers

[center]You arrive at Cat's work ready for your hot date with her. She's still got a few things to do before she's able to leave but in the mean time, she wants to know what you're going to do with her tonight. Are you going to suck her dick? Are you going to ram her new dildo up her tranny hole? Now that she's talking to you about it, she's getting all hot and bothered and she can no longer concentrate on work. She begins playing with herself right there in the office until it's time to go home. Back home she slips into something more comfortable but she's still super horny so she starts rubbing herself all over. She whips out her girly pole and strokes it. She twitches in ecstasy as she pumps her extra sensitive she-cock. She even lets you lick her smooth balls and suck on her tiny little toes. Then it's time to bust out her new toy. She sucks on her new glass dildo to get it all lubed up before she rams it up her tight tranny tush. Now that she's fully aroused, there's nothing left to do but stroke her t-girl rod until she spews hot cum into a bowl

Quality: HD
Time: 00:33:15
Size: 881.8 MB[/center]

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