HookupHotshot: - Gia / Puketastic (HD) - 661 MB

HookupHotshot: - Gia / Puketastic (HD) - 661 MB

Genre: Spit, Deep Throat, Teens, Blowjob, Facial, Gagging, Anal Licking, Sloppy
Name: Gia / Puketastic
Studio: HookupHotshot

[center]Gia was a bright-eyed pig-tailed cutie who just wanted to have fun. I found her on this site I used to lurk on called LustConnection. She obviously new what she was there for, and so did I. I didn’t make too much small talk. When she asked me what kind of fun activities I was into I told her about one of the girls I met up with last week and how I had puke-fucked her. That seemed to make her perk right up and she told me how she had always wanted to be fucked that like that. I gave her the address and she showed up a couple hours later with a big smile and a bigger ass. I mean this girl has a DUMPER. I welcomed her inside and we sat on the couch and started talking, but after a few minutes I didn’t see any reason to keep the charade going. I had her stand up in front of me and started to take her clothes off. A little while later I had her covered in a thick layer of slobber, crying and begging me for more cock!

Quality: HD
Time: 01:00:59
Size: 661 MB[/center]

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