CuckoldSessions / DogFartNetwork: - Sarah Jessie, Arielle Aquina (Full HD) - 2.89 GB

CuckoldSessions / DogFartNetwork: - Sarah Jessie, Arielle Aquina (Full HD) - 2.89 GB

Genre: All Sex, Gonzo, Anal, Hardcore, IR, Threesome
Name: Sarah Jessie, Arielle Aquina
Studio: CuckoldSessions / DogFartNetwork

[center]Sarah Jessie is the head of HR and a happily married Woman to her wife Arielle. Sarah just has some needs that her wife just can't satisfy really and that's her need for warm big cocks. Sure Arielle has a nice strap on and loves her so very much but a cold dildo is just not the same as a hot pulsing cock. Jessie has been secretly playing with a couple of guys down in sales on her lunch break for some time now but her loving wife just picked the wrong day to try to come and take her to Lunch. Arielle walks in just as Jamie is really starting to fuck Jessie hard and can not contain her shock and revulsion at seeing those cocks going into her beloved wifes pussy. The guys are innocent she can quickly see and apologetic but Sarah needs what she needs and is obviously not going to stop fucking these studs. Asking Arielle to just understand her needs and be supportive Arielle retreats to a chair to pout at first but as the Men continue to pound away she gets closer and fights her inner battle with her love for her wife and the shock she feels seeing the Woman she loves pounded away on by huge cocks. When Sarah finally tells the guys to fuck her ass Arielle loses it again as Sarah has never let her do that before. She hears noises coming from Sarah that she has never been able to elicit but still can not take her eyes away from Sarah's ass stretching wide open again and again. After the boys unload their cum onto Sarah we see who Sarah really loves dismissing them and inviting her Wife Arielle to come help lick her clean and spend the blissful moment with her Wife.

Quality: Full HD
Time: 00:40:50
Size: 2.89 GB[/center]

Download - CuckoldSessions / DogFartNetwork: - Sarah Jessie, Arielle Aquina (Full HD)

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