BackroomCastingCouch: - Xia(Painal Tap Out) (Full HD) - 2.99 GB

BackroomCastingCouch: - Xia(Painal Tap Out) (Full HD) - 2.99 GB

Genre: Couples, Hardcore, Anal, Gonzo, All Sex
Name: Xia(Painal Tap Out)
Studio: BackroomCastingCouch

[center]This week's casting is 19 year old emo girl Xia. The interview is a bit wonky, apparently our desk camera didn’t like the data card we had inside of it, and decided not to record it. Between that, our loud ass neighbor, and some ill timed window washers, this casting was a bit of a mess even for us lol. But that’s what we do here. We trick unsuspecting girls into putting dicks inside of them, so some things are bound to go awry here and there lol. Luckily we got our camera figured out and didn’t miss any of the good stuff. Anyway, Xia works at Olive Garden, and anyone who’s served before knows it’s a bullshit job. I’d wanna do porno too if I was a young pretty blonde girl. We really just throw this girl right into the fire by asking her to get naked. The first thing she’s worried about is her non-match matching bra and panty set. Rick assures her that she won’t have it on long. HA, can you imagine what was going through her head? Next thing she knows I’m eating her pussy and she’s down on her knees sucking my cock. Then it’s bang bang bang and away we go. She gets fucked on the floor desk and couch and she’s not having any issues at all being a slut on camera for us. That is until it’s time for the anal. This is kinda when everything really runs off the rails. The second I get the tip of my dick in her I knew she wasn’t going to be able to handle it very well. She did however, really give it the old college try. She really really wasn’t enjoying that anal and taps out. Now when a girl taps out we gotta do the right thing, so we wrap it up and attempt to get her off one more time. As she’s masturbating those goddamn window washers outside are getting a little too close. We really don’t wanna get kicked outta this place again. That desk and couch are heavy and who do you think has to move it? So in an effort to save us some trouble Rick kills it pretty quick, and we make Xia get dressed and leave in the dark lol. I can’t image what she thought about all this. But maybe she’ll think twice about meeting strangers lol lol

Quality: Full HD
Time: 00:42:09
Size: 2.99 GB[/center]

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